Learning Curriculum

Children are having fun, learning and enjoying each moment at Book Nook

Book Nook is a specific skill building enrichment program with a whole-child approach. We build key predictive skills such as oral language, alphabetic code and print awareness starting at the most important development years. With most of its emphasis on a theme based literacy curriculum, Book Nook exposes children to all content areas. Children learn at a pace that is comfortable for them.  With more attention given to each child they build confidence in a small group setting. Book Nook’s organic approach is coupled with a structured setting, combining the best of both learning worlds.  Children will have fun! When they are having fun; they are engaged; when they are engaged they are learning.

Book Nook builds a strong foundation for future success. The classes are 90 minutes long, one day a week. The program runs from Mid-September to Mid-June. Our goal is to meet all developmental milestones with appropriate learning methods and material.  At Book Nook, children build skills seen on the Educational Records Bureau Test (ERB’s) and NYC Gifted & Talented test (OLSAT) along with essential literacy development. Kindergarten readiness is our ultimate goal while focusing on building a long-love for reading and learning.

Book Nook’s classes are broken down to four age groups: Lil’ Hoots, Kiddie Hoots, Pre Hoots, & Kinder Hoots. Each age level has a defined curriculum made specially to meet their needs and learning styles.