Book Nook Environment

Cozy + warm + fun + stimulating: an ambiance equaling great results!

Just as a child experiences wonder and excitement while reading a story, they will feel the same when they walk into the world of Book Nook.  With a stimulating color palette, array of textures, and wall-to-wall books, they will be ready to explore. Book Nook’s cozy environment will make the child feel at home and give him or her a sense of belonging.  The children learn responsibilities the minute they step foot into Book Nook by hanging up their jackets and taking off their shoes. As they wait for class to begin, he or she can cozy up to the fireplace with a good book.

Book Nook prides itself on décor specifically designed to enhance the child’s literacy development. Our ambiance provides a literacy-rich environment that will prompt discussions. The trinkets found around Book Nook will develop vocabulary and visual stimulation. Come see the world of Book Nook.