Rina S. Patel, MsEd

Educator, Director, Specialist and now founder of Book Nook, an Early Childhood enrichment program, Rina S. Patel puts her passion and over 12 years of experience in to a unique program that strives to “bridge the learning gap between preschool and kindergarten”.

Rina has a Masters in Teaching Literacy from birth-6th grade, Bachelors in Elementary Education and English from St. John’s University and received her certification in Early Childhood Education from Monmouth University. She is also a member of the International Reading Association and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The need for a program such as “Book Nook” grew more apparent throughout the years she served as an award winning early childhood & elementary teacher in the Long Branch School District and as an Education Director at the upscale boutique Smarter Toddler Nursery & Preschool in Manhattan. Rina’s area of expertise is from early preschool to 1st grade. Having taught Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st Grade for many years, Rina knew the apparent gaps in between each grade level.

“ Knowing that the child’s brain develops most significantly from Birth-6 years of age, it is important to introduce the most essential skills to early learners. Reading aloud promotes early childhood literacy and it fosters their interest in reading. Pre-reading, engaged reading and after-reading discussions are significantly important during instruction in all content areas. With the right tools and teaching methods, children gain skills to develop their reading comprehension.”

As an educator, Rina observed the difficulty preschool students experienced when entering kindergarten. “They lack specific skills and it’s a challenge to keep up with age appropriate curriculum. Focused learning on letter identification, handwriting, phonemes and blending will enhance a child’s ability to read fluently in 1st grade.”

Book Nook is an enrichment program designed for small group instruction with a ratio of 5 students to 1 teacher per class. It serves as an alternative preschool starting at the age of 1.5. As a one-day a week program with 90 minutes of instruction, classes will incorporate visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles, which are the most fundamental components in preschool. Using the whole-child appropriate, Book Nook will enrich children from 1.5-5 years while hitting developmental milestones.

Book Nook’s enrichment program will introduce and develop the skills needed to prepare for kindergarten entry. Aside from providing invaluable information and guidance to parents, the program also assists with separation anxiety, development of social skills, Educational Records Bureau Test (ERB), OLSAT: Gift/Talented (G&T) tests, and school applications.

The goal is to take a child’s curiosity to the next level, anticipating the next class and ultimately making learning a fun memorable experience with the most focus on pre-literacy and literacy development.

Rina believes education is the key to success and her accomplishments are a direct reflection of her hard work and dedication. “I continue to research and discover new methods and techniques that will create a smooth transition into kindergarten; the foundation given at an early age will prepare a child for future success.”