Learning Components

A schedule fit for the perfect alternative preschool program

Children sit in a circle and are greeted by Ollie Owl & Oscar Owl, the Book Nook Mascots. Children greet one another and their teacher. We discuss other content areas according to each age group. Meetings & Greetings are extremely important as they set the mood for the rest of the session. Soon after, the theme of the week is introduced using books, music and visual prompts. We get cozy and comfortable as we transition into Story Tree.

Cozied up on a lush carpet with a pillow, the adventure into Story Tree begins. Comprehensive discussions begin as we gather around, dive into a book and emerge from the adventure of the story. Lil’ Hoots & Kiddie Hoots are read to with repetitive themed, nursery rhymed, or age appropriate board books with an emphasis on visual stimulation. Pre Hoots & Kinder Hoots are read to using props, tones, and are introduced to hardcover books. At the end of the story, each class gets to place a leaf labeled with the title of the book onto our story tree; keeping children motivated to keep on reading and adding a leaf each week to our tree.  After a yoga stretch or two- we get ready for table activities.

Alphabet & Skill Building 
Older Hoots are introduced to the letter of the week, which includes letter sound, handwriting and vocabulary. Younger Hoots will review their knowledge on shapes and colors and are introduced to the alphabet. Phonemic Awareness, Print Awareness and emergent concepts are introduced and/or taught.  Through music and visual cues, children will grasp the sounds and formations of letters and shapes.

Fine Motor
Here children focus and concentrate on a specific skill. Young Hoots work with sand, Playdoh, and manipulatives. Older Hoots work on handwriting and gripping techniques to build fine motor muscles.

Children express their inner Picasso during each art class. Each week children do a theme related art project that they bring home with them the same day. Art projects are carefully planned. We try to use recycled products giving children the chance to be creative and use their imaginations. As we tidy our station we make our way back to the cozy corner to say our goodbyes.

Here we finish the day’s lesson with Ollie Owl & Oscar Owl. We sing our goodbyes and make our way back to the library for dismissal.