Learning Levels

The Hoots are learning something new at each level

All ages will meet these milestones at an age appropriate level: Social & Emotional (transitioning, manners, patience, separation anxiety), Language/Communication (vocabulary, word association), Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving), Fine Motor Movement and much more.

Lil’ Hoots I & II: (1 ½ – 2 ½ years old)

Lil’ Hoots are given more attention to strengthen any feelings of separation anxiety. They are young and usually away from mommy and daddy for the first time. Fine Motor skills are developed through manipulatives and play. Listening skill building is addressed. Children at this age are given opportunities to understand the concept of independent growth. We are here to guide them  in the right direction.

Kiddie Hoots: I & II: (2 ½ – 3 ½ years old)

Kiddie Hoots are introduced to letter recognition and given little attention to separation anxiety. They are starting to mature and become curious. Kiddie Hoots have been exposed to other group settings, through nursery schools and classes.  A big emphasis is placed on letter recognition and formation. Children are starting to grip their big crayons to make strokes before learning how to formally write letters. The first stages of handwriting are emphasized during these years. Younger Kiddie Hoots are learning strokes through mazes, dot-to-dot, and various other materials. Older Kiddie Hoots are using thinner writing tools and preparing for the next stages of writing. Children are encouraged to use all learning materials for handwriting; for example, slates, white boards, magnet boards, etc. Kiddies Hoots are engaged in various table activities that will promote higher level thinking, process of elimination, coding, patterning and other skills seen on standardized tests.

Pre Hoots: I & II: (3 ½ – 4 years old)

Pre Hoots now learn phonemes and print awareness. These children already attend a part-time preschool and are exposed to separation. Pre Hoots are writing their names in all uppercase and are starting to make formations of letters with most emphasis on uppercase. As Pre Hoots develop their letters sounds, we start introducing C-V-C words and simple sentences that are practiced both in class and at home. We play multiple reading games using flashcards, game boards, etc. Younger Pre Hoots are continuing to learn through various table activities that will promote higher level thinking, process of elimination, coding, patterning and other skills seen on standardized tests. We encourage drawing during these years.

Kinder Hoots: I & II: (4 – 5 years old)

Kinder Hoots know their sounds and letters. They are writing their name in title case and forming all uppercase and lowercase letters. Kindergarten readiness is the main focus during this age group. Pre-reading, during reading and after reading discussions are taking place. Children are taught to make predictions and answer open ended questions. Throughout the year children participate in written activities that will help them phonetically spell. Children are drawing images to correspond with their writing. We gradually learn this skill.


All children learn at their own pace. We like to encourage them and help them build their skills in a home-like environment. All of our materials are teacher-made. We know technology is important, but at Book Nook, we like to teach children the old fashioned way. We can recommend apps, programs, games, etc. that we think the children would benefit from but we will not be using iPads or Computers.



Note: Instruction is based on the level of the child and what skills he/she will most likely be working on.  A more detailed lesson for each class will be given in the welcome packet after enrollment.