Parent Tips

Tips on skill building through literacy

  • Read to your child and start early.  Reading aloud to your child should be a daily routine. Make your reading time a special time for you and your child.  Being with you for this reading experience will make reading pleasurable.
  • Expose your child to playgroups or preschool experiences to develop social skills that involve discussions about books.
  • Have a lot of reading materials available and visible at your home.  If possible, make a library, even if it is just a couple of shelves.  You can buy used books or get these books as a gift from relatives who have outgrown children books.
  • Impress on your child that reading is a part of life.  Let your child see you read books, magazines, and newspapers.  You can also go with your kid to the library so they can see how to check out books.  When your child sees that reading is important to you, they are likely to decide that it’s important to them as well.
  • Reward reading.  If your child spends a considerable time reading, treat them to an ice cream, movie, or playing video game hours.
  • Choose the books your child reads, so they can derive the most pleasure from reading.
  • If you see your child shows particular interest in a specific type of book (science fiction, fantasy, or maybe craft books), make these books available.
  • Make your child see that you treat books gently and with respect.  They imitate your behavior, and they will do the same.

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