This is where we’ll write about many of the early childhood development topics you’ve asked us about. We’ll share our views on the benefits of reading, essential developmental skills, separation and how to ease separation anxiety, socialization, and how children collaborate and learn together.

The Fundamentals of Literacy

The basic foundation for any successful student is built upon literacy.  Many skills within literacy are learned through practice, though the earliest stages of reading emerge as early as six months old.  Our goal at Book Nook Enrichment is to constantly foster these areas of development to allow for the utmost growth while still ensuring […]
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Understanding Early Reading Levels

Every phase of early childhood literacy enrichment leads to one thing: reading.  The beginning stages of a child’s reading journey are exciting and magical.  Every day seems to bring a new development, every week another jump in progress.  The early road to reading uncovers the discovery of new skills and engenders an overall excitement.  With […]
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The Importance of Self Portraits

Book Nook Enrichment in New York City
Have you ever wondered why self portraits are included on so many kindergarten readiness activities?  We get it!  It’s difficult to see right away why this would be important in assessing your child’s aptitude.  It’s all about working towards success in the future!  So much of our focus at Book Nook Enrichment is on laying […]
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Happy Read Across America Day!

Toddler reading on Read Across America Day
And, of course — Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! We’ve said it many, many times, but today is one of our absolute favorite days of the year. Not only does it celebrate the joy and wonder of reading, but also one of the all time greats — Dr. Seuss! He so often brings magic to our classroom that we think […]
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Building Self-Esteem in Young Learners

Child reading book on the floor
At this point in the school year, most children are set in their routine in the classroom. They understand the general vibe of their environment and have an established understanding of their surroundings. However, this doesn’t mean students should become complacent or that teachers should become too comfortable. Building confidence and creating an active learning […]
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Book Nook’s Holiday Must-Haves

Children's wooden blocks spelling stop, ball, cat, and dog
While we’ll always have a soft spot for raindrops on roses and crisp apple strudel, Book Nook’s favorite things center mostly around — you guessed it — literacy enrichment! The educational terrain is always changing, and we want to ensure that we — as well as our little ones — are always on top and ahead of the game. Because of this, we […]
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Music in the Classroom

Child adjusting volume on old stereo tuner
At Book Nook, we are always looking for new ways to encourage the utmost engagement in the classroom. One of our most important goals is to ensure that learning remains fun — something to look forward to and participate in with genuine joy. This objective motivates every aspect of our curriculum and helps to inspire new programs and […]
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Halloween & Hobbies

Children trick or treating with pumpkin baskets
The highlight of the October month is right around the corner and Book Nook is all abuzz with costume plans and candy excitement and festive energy. There are so many things about this time of year to look forward to, but our favorite is the cozy weather! It invites you to stay inside, read a […]
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Connecting & Comprehending

Girl reading Fellowship of the Ring on a bed
One of our favorite things about reading is the act of discussion. It’s easy enough to just stop at the text — to take it for what it is and go no further. Plenty of stories are intended to be read this way, for entertainment and nothing more. But these days, more and more children’s books are […]
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