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This is where we’ll write about many of the early childhood development topics you’ve asked us about. We’ll share our views on the benefits of reading, essential developmental skills, separation and how to ease separation anxiety, socialization, and how children collaborate and learn together.

Feel the Rainbow: How Colors Help Children Process Emotions

Book Nook's Emotion Color Cards

Emotions are constantly changing. Some are so wonderful that we bask in them like sunlight! Others are difficult and we wish them away. Even as adults, communicating the complexity of emotions can be challenging. So imagine what it’s like for children! How do you explain sadness when it’s the first time you’re feeling it? Or […]

Turning the Page: Why Reading Physical Books is Vital to Your Child’s Education

[Baby Hoots-Big Hoots and beyond (ages 6 months-12 years old)] In a world of technology, the magical pages of books look dull and prehistoric compared to the glow of our screens. If there are so many wonderful stories for our children to scroll, click, and swipe through, why continue bothering with reading physical books?  What’s […]

5 Ways Books Boost Social Skills in Children

Book Nook reading Tutor Near Me

[For Lil’-Big Hoots and beyond (ages 18 months-12 years old)]  There are over 7.7 billion people in the world, and for the better part of 2-years, we had to literally keep each other at arm’s length. Babies were born. Children walked for the first time while family members watched over Zoom and FaceTime. Our kids […]

5 Ways to Enhance Reading to Prepare your Child for Kindergarten (3-5 Years Old)

Child reading book on the floor

School is in session! Even if your child has been going to pre-school or prep classes, kindergarten is likely the first time they will be attending a full-day, 5 days a week class. Kindergarten introduces the educational framework that will lead your child through their adolescence and into higher education. Luckily, your child has been […]

5 Ways to Enhance Reading for your Toddler (12-36 Months)

Ahhhhh toddlerhood. Exploration takes off. Independency blooms. Suddenly, every object in the house is an object of desire. And it may be more difficult to keep these objects out of your child’s wandering hands because they’ve, well, begun to toddle!  It’s a wonderfully challenging stage, full of developmental milestones, impulse control (or lack thereof), trial […]

5 Ways to Enhance Reading for your Infant (0-12 months)

There is nothing more magical than welcoming your child into the world. Introducing them to life is scary, thrilling, challenging, and completely enchanting, and books are wonderful companions to have along the way. You may have begun reading to your little one during pregnancy, in which case your child has already begun absorbing the wonder […]

Your Child Has Lost Interest In Reading…Now What?

[For Pre Hoots-Big Hoots (ages 3-10)] If your child has lost interest in reading, it may feel daunting. What happened? And what can you do to reignite their wonder for words? First: take a breath! Going through challenging times is part of the learning process for any child…and adult for that matter. So rather than […]

5 Ways to Raise a Reader

Excited young girl reading a book

In an age of technology, it may seem harder than ever to raise a child who loves to read. That’s why it’s crucial to start the process at a young age. Studies have shown that reading aloud to children in infancy and toddlerhood not only develops a child’s vocabulary but develops early reading skills, leading […]

5 Reasons Avid Readers Excel in School

The Road to Reading - Book Nook NYC

Something we have always known to be true is that avid readers make for well-rounded learners. Reading not only advances literacy skills but introduces new ideas, concepts, and worldviews to children. The more we read, the more we know, after all. And this doesn’t just include independent reading in children. A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics revealed […]

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