This is where we’ll write about many of the early childhood development topics you’ve asked us about. We’ll share our views on the benefits of reading, essential developmental skills, separation and how to ease separation anxiety, socialization, and how children collaborate and learn together.

Tradition vs. Technology

Little girl with a tablet computer o a sofa
The Book Nook Enrichment team recently spent a couple of weeks recharging to get ready for the home stretch to the end of the school year! It’s hard to believe we’re already midway through April — didn’t we just welcome new students to our literacy studios yesterday? But even though we’ve got a case of Spring Fever, […]
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Bringing Books to Life in New York City

Central Park New York City in the Snow
Happy Spring! The wind is howling… the snow is falling… yep, it’s a typical New York City start to one of our most fickle seasons. It’s always hard to predict what spring will bring, and it’s coming in with another storm. We hope you’re all cozied up today with a good book… preferably one that […]
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Happy Read Across America Day!

Read across America Day at Book Nook
And, of course — Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! We’ve said it many, many times, but today is one of our absolute favorite days of the year. Not only does it celebrate the joy and wonder of reading, but also one of the all time greats — Dr. Seuss! He so often brings magic to our classroom that we think […]
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A Break From School Isn’t a Break From Reading

Child Reading - Photo by Johnny McClung
The city is simultaneously less crowded and more active this week as families head out for vacation or make use of their staycation during the mid-winter recess. This week, children have an ample amount of time for a whole variety of activities — but the best thing to keep up with? Reading! We know it’s tempting to […]
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