Early Hoots

Early Childhood Reading for 30-40 Months

What to expect at Early Hoots

Early Hoots classes build on developing the wonder of words and magic of reading at age 3, as children learn the skills needed as they embark on their academic path. Many of our Early Hoots have already started preschool, and our goal is to introduce and hone the skills necessary for them to succeed.

These 90-minute classes meet once a week and coincide with the school year (we offer rolling admissions and pro-rated fees).

What We Teach

Young girl reading a book in a classroom with astroturf and trees crafted on the walls

Foster a Love of Reading

Each class is planned around a weekly theme such as zoo animals or life on the farm, and incorporates related books, music and art projects. We continue to foster your child’s love of reading at age 3 and provide parents with a curated book list that will be used throughout the year.

Young girl drawing at a white table in front of a shingled wall with large cutout letters mounted on it

Begin Handwriting

After assessing your child’s handwriting ability, we focus on different skills each week. Children progress from being able to trace their name independently to being able to write their name independently. The “letter of the week” is used to teach children where to begin writing each letter and how to identify upper and lowercase letters.

Young students listening to a story being read by a teacher viewed from behind

Enjoy Storytime

We know that children love having stories read to them. At this level we stop to discuss pictures in the story and talk about their favorite parts of the story in order to build attention to detail, oral comprehension and visual concepts.

Happy hoots from parents and kiddos that love Book Nook

"My daughter went up two reading levels in such a short period of time. She feels so confident going into 1st grade."


- Sienna's Mom

Foster a love of learning for a lifetime.

Everything in class is geared towards honing the skills necessary for preschool and kindergarten readiness, as well as gifted and talented entrance exams. We focus on higher-level thinking exercises, vocabulary words, pre-reading abilities, grip activities and more. We’re also building your child’s confidence and letting them know that they’re capable of these new academic challenges.

By the end of the year, our Early Hoots have mastered the overall concepts and have their a-ha moment – which makes for an easy transition to Pre Hoots classes. Our unique curriculum is created by our founder, Rina Collins, to meet the needs and learning styles of each child at this stage of their development. And our warm, inviting space instills a sense of magic in children from the moment they walk through our doors.

Two young girls working together on learning the alphabet. One girl is pointing at a worksheet on a table they are sitting at.
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