Kinder Hoots

Reading for 4–5 Year Olds

What to expect at Kinder Hoots

Our Kinder Hoots are usually attending preschool full time, and this supplemental class focuses on preparing children for kindergarten. Reading, comprehension, and phonetic spelling are the main focus this year, along with honing their handwriting skills and mastering title case.

Our 90-minute classes meet once a week and coincide with the school year (we offer rolling admissions and pro-rated fees).

What We Teach

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Developing Skills

Kinder Hoots are excited to develop their individual skills as they prepare for kindergarten. Reading independently starts in January, so the beginning of the year is dedicated to mastering phonics, handwriting and pre-reading skills such as building words and word families.

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Build Story Comprehension

The goal of this tier is to ensure that each child is prepared, confident, and ahead of the game when they begin kindergarten. Reading to children during story time continues, but now Kinder Hoots are working on story maps. These help children understand story structure and encourage them to pay attention to details so they can relay the main parts of the story back to the teacher.

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Nurture a Love of Learning

Our Kinder Hoots are excited to be doing kindergarten level work because we’ve been building their confidence and letting them know that they’re capable of reaching these new academic levels. We do this without putting any pressure on your child, while teaching them in a calm and nurturing environment.

Happy hoots from parents and kiddos that love Book Nook

"My daughter went up two reading levels in such a short period of time. She feels so confident going into 1st grade."


- Sienna's Mom

Grow your child’s confidence and love of reading.

Beginning in January our Kinder Hoots start independent reading, and we choose a book from our curated book list starting at Level AA or Level A. We also incorporate comprehension activities and grammar exercises to help prepare your child for more involved reading as they move on towards higher learning.

Everything we do in class is designed by our founder to meet the needs and learning styles of each child, and to prepare them for kindergarten and early childhood testing. We do this in our warm, inviting space that instills a sense of magic in children from the moment they walk through our doors.

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