Lil’ Hoots

Reading and Fun for 18-30 Months

What to expect at Lil’ Hoots

Our Lil’ Hoots class is about discovering the wonder of words and building a foundation for teaching toddlers to read. These 90-minute classes meet once or twice a week and coincide with the school year (we offer rolling admissions and pro-rated fees).

This tier is designed to facilitate a child’s transition into an academic setting where they work on activities separate from a caregiver.

What We Teach

Young girl reading a book shot from above

Ease Separation Anxiety

For many Lil’ Hoots, this is their first time participating in a “drop-off” class, and we help ease any anxiety that might arise from separation. If children have difficulty separating, a caregiver can accompany them into class and slowly ease their way out, so children don’t feel overwhelmed or anxious.

Young girl reading a picture book, the current page has colored circles on it

Expand Independence

Children in this level are building independence, molding fine motor skills and developing their early alphabetic skills. Although we’re not actively teaching
toddlers to read, we are helping them develop a love of books and reading. Repetition is key to learning at this stage of their development, and we incorporate repetition with our weekly class routines.

Very young child using glue in a crafts project

Enjoy Fun Activities

Each class is planned around a weekly theme such as zoo animals or life on the farm, and incorporates related books, music and art projects. Sharing books and reading aloud to children helps get them excited about stories and is part of our prep for teaching toddlers to read and getting ready for preschool.

Happy hoots from parents and kiddos that love Book Nook

"My daughter went up two reading levels in such a short period of time. She feels so confident going into 1st grade."


- Sienna's Mom

Build your child’s confidence with fun new challenges!

Each week our Lil’ Hoots participate in activities that help with early handwriting development and grip, hand-eye coordination, letter recognition and fine motor development. We also begin teaching our slightly older students (starting between 22-24 months) name recognition. The goal is to have these children be able to trace their name without hand-on-hand assistance by the end of the year. We’re also building your child’s confidence and letting them know that they’re capable of these new academic challenges.

Everything we do in class is geared towards developing your child’s attention span, vocabulary, independence and love of reading. Our unique curriculum is created by our founder to meet the needs and learning styles of toddlers at this stage of their development. And our warm, inviting space instills a sense of magic in children from the moment they walk through our doors.

Two young children reading a picture book together
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