Refund & Withdrawl Policy

We believe wholeheartedly that students of all learning backgrounds will enjoy and benefit from the Book Nook experience. However, if for any reason your little one does not adapt by the end of the mandatory two-month transition period, we are happy to provide a refund for the remaining balance of your tuition, minus an administration charge of $100. Please note - We require a written notice one month in advance before withdrawing. If the refund is due to a move out of the city, proof of the new address will be required. If you have to withdraw before the two-month period is up, we will provide a refund for all classes outside of the two-month window.

Dismissal Policy

We do our best to ensure that every student and caregiver has the best possible experience while enrolled at Book Nook Enrichment.  We encourage open dialogue between teachers and parents so that everyone is aware of any problems or concerns that may arise.  However, if a student displays behavior that is disruptive to the classroom environment and we are not able to find an appropriate solution that benefits child, parent, and staff alike, Book Nook reserves the right to dismiss the student and/or terminate enrollment at that time.  In such cases, we will provide a refund for all classes remaining in the school year.

Make Up Policy

We believe that consistency is key when it comes to learning and love welcoming your little ones to Book Nook each week. However, we understand that your child may be unable to attend their regularly scheduled class due to illness. Please let us know 24 hours before or after the missed class that your child was ill and unable to attend that day. Due to the nature of our classes and the structure of our curriculum, this will allow us to properly prepare and adjust materials for that particular session. Book Nook will honor one make-up class per semester to account for an illness. If we have availability in other group classes that semester, your child can join another session.  If not, we will hold private make-up sessions at either spring break or at the conclusion of the school year. Please note, any missed scheduled make-ups cannot be rescheduled. Missed classes cannot be refunded, however, if you are unable to use your one make-up class, the amount can be credited toward tuition for the following school year. Credit can be used towards summer camp if child is enrolled for a full summer camp.


Food Allergy Awareness

Book Nook Enrichment is committed to a nut-free policy. Therefore, we request that you do not bring peanuts, nuts or foods containing nut ingredients into the studio.

Personal Belongings

Book Nook Enrichment is not responsible for any personal belongings lost or stolen.

Stroller Parking

We provide assistance for strollers to be brought to the garden level before and after each class. We provide locks for any strollers left on street level but please note, we are not responsible for any strollers lost or stolen outside our studio.

Photo/Video policy

Occasionally Book Nook Enrichment may take photographs or videos in our studio that may be used for marketing, promotion or training purposes. If you do not wish for your child to be included in these, please let the program director know at the time of registration.

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