Owls do more than just hoot this summer

The importance of imaginative thinking in a child’s development is vital to their growth as learners, dreamers, and doers.  Whether we use our imagination to map out potential futures or escape somewhere made of magic and mystery, these journeys through thought and play open experiences for children that had previously existed only in their dreams.  This summer, we are thrilled to invite your children to join us for Book Nook’s World of Imagination.  We will explore the places and things that help to shape the wonders of childhood by implementing books, art, music, academics, and more over the course of our six-week program.  Each theme will include a lesson that enhances the scope of whatever world we’re visiting that week, be it based in reality or fantasy.  Your child will bring home a folder each week of the completed curriculum, along with various projects and treats that correlate to the theme.

Children at the door of Book Nook Enrichment

Summer Schedule & Fees

2019 Summer Reading Program Schedule

June 25 - July 18

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

9AM - 11:30AM
30 months - 42 months

12:30PM - 3:00PM
43 months - 5 years

All 4 Weeks (3x week) - $1,600

June 25 - July 19

Kinder Hoots & Wise Owls

3:30PM - 5:00PM
Tuesday and Thursday
Kinder Hoots

All 4 Weeks (2x week) - $970

3:45PM - 4:45PM
Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
Wise Owls

All 4 Weeks (1x week) - $500

Tribeca weekly options available July 22 - August 30


We can't wait to welcome your children to Book Nook this summer and to open their minds to new worlds of possibility.  We hope you'll come along on the adventure! Contact or (646) 649-5917 for more information.

Week 1: When I Grow Up
Week 2: Magic & Make-Believe
Week 3: A Prehistoric Trek
Week 4: Woodland Wonderland

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