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5 Ways to Enhance Reading During Pregnancy

5 Ways to Enhance Reading During Pregnancy

It’s never too early to start reading. There is a reason our instinct is to speak, read, sing, and engage with our little ones while they are still in the womb: they not only hear us, but this interaction enhances and boosts their development and connection to the world before they even enter it for […]

Pure Imagination

Happy summer! Okay, okay.  We know it’s not summer – but the wishful thinking has gotten the better of us.  The temps have been up and down (mostly down) lately in the city, and it seems as though summer in the city is the only thing on our mind these days.  Especially now that we’re […]

Love, Love, Love

The most wonderful thing about picture books has always been the lessons they teach. It is the way they open little hearts and minds to new feelings and thoughts, the way they reveal truths with a quiet ease.  And lately, we have been in a real golden age of storytelling for our littlest readers. Now […]

Spread the Love of Books

When you think of the holiday season, a lot of warm and cozy things come to mind – crackling fireplaces, beautifully lit evergreen trees, and everything knit (ugly sweaters included). Of course, this season also brings out a lot of much less cozy things – packed schedules, crowded stores, long lines, and expensive gifts. If […]

This and That

Winter has officially arrived in New York City. Though the actual solstice is still about a week off, it is brisk out there – we’ve even had some snow this week!  There’s really nothing like the winter weather to get you full steam ahead into the holiday season! And it is that time, after all.  The […]

Giving Thanks

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!   Book Nook Enrichment is gearing up for a few more classes before the official start of the holiday season.  We love this time of year.  It’s so nice to take some time to reflect and acknowledge all that we are grateful for.  The little things are too often overlooked in the hustle […]

Books We Love

Is it any surprise that we love books? Of course not!  Books are what we’re all about, and helping to foster a love of reading in little ones is what we love most.  We have parents asking all the time for our book recommendations, and with each year, the list keeps growing.  We will always appreciate […]

Book Nooks

Where has the time gone?  It feels like just yesterday we were returning from winter break and getting back into the swing of things – and now it’s February!  We’re not complaining, though.  It’s already been an eventful 2017 at Book Nook, and we know this year has so many exciting things in store.  (We’re […]

The Benefits of Books for Baby

There are endless benefits when it comes to reading to your little ones.  It bolsters language development, encourages the advancement of literacy skills, and makes them better readers, writers, listeners, and speakers in general.  Our parents are always asking for book recommendations, and we have plenty of favorites.  Picture books are becoming more and more […]