18 months - 5 years

Early Learners

Early Learners virtual reading classes at book nook nyc

Book Nook offers a range of early childhood programs

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Wise Owls

Young girl holding a book on a yellow sofa

Our Wise Owls program help students reach their full potential.

8 - 12 years

Book Club

High School girl browsing books in the library

The Book Club facilitates independent reading


5 - 8 years

Grammar Workshops

GIrl studying at a desk with her mother

These workshops build confidence and strong learning strategies. 

5 - 8 years

Writing Workshops

Girl working on handwriting with her mother at a table

These workshops build confidence and strong learning strategies. 

1 - 7 years

Branched by Book nook


Our at-home literacy series delivered straight to your inbox

In these unique times Book Nook endeavors to continue enriching children’s lives through literacy. Our online classes and virtual workshops take place on Zoom and provide a continued academic routine to promote positive results.


Book Nook offers a range of early childhood education programs based on age groups from 18 months to 5-years-old. Each level - Lil Hoots, Early Hoots, Pre Hoots, Kinder Hoots - features our unique teacher-designed curriculum created specifically for the developmental needs of that age group.

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Big Hoots

The focus for Big Hoots is to help students reach their full potential in reading, handwriting, comprehension, and beyond. We begin by assessing your child’s current reading level and then choose books to meet specific academic goals. These 60-minute classes meet once a week and our virtual sessions are 1:1 to ensure our teachers are focusing on your child’s individual progress and needs. Big Hoots is offered for children in kindergarten through third grade.

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Refer a reader

Invite friends to experience the magic of Book Nook Enrichment and your first class is free! If you would like to build a group of 5 or more please contact us for special pricing


 Book Club

The goal of Book Club is to facilitate independent reading and grow the “thinking about reading” skills taught to school age children. Students will enjoy a relaxed reading experience while discussing fun, imaginative books! Additionally, parents will appreciate the advanced questions and critical thinking practice implemented during book club. Our book club also offers small group instruction, with no more than 6 children per session. Book Club is offered for ages 8 through 12, with 60 minute classes for 8-10 year olds offered on Tuesdays and 60 minute classes for 10-12 year olds offered on Thursdays.

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Readers Theatre

Reader's Theater provides practice in oral reading fluency, expressive reading, public speaking, reading comprehension, and more. These classes will incorporate scripts and writing exercises to expand each student's reading abilities and overall confidence.

The Reading Nook is offered for children ages 5 through 7.



Grammar Workshops

Our weekly Grammar Workshops this summer will introduce and hone skills in areas of grammar mechanics that are often tricky for early readers. These sessions will discuss grammar mechanics in a way that is accessible for young students. Our workshops will also help them both build technique and confidence while setting up strong learning strategies for the future. These workshops are built for children from 5 to 8 years old.

Week 1: Nouns
Week 2: Pronouns
Week 3: Adjectives
Week 4: Verbs
Week 5: Adverbs
Week 6: Punctuation Usage
Week 7: Contractions
Week 8: Subject/Predicate
Week 9: Articles
Week 10: Prepositions

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Writing Workshops

Developing strong writing skills is one of the toughest and most overlooked areas in literacy development. Our summer writing workshop will place emphasis on developing technique and understanding writing structure while focusing on a different writing style each week. Through writing prompts designed for the skill set of each child, these workshops will build confidence and encourage students to discover the joy of writing. These classes are built for children from 5 to 8 years old.

Week 1: Creative Writing
Week 2: Narrative Writing
Week 3: Informative Writing
Week 4: Persuasive Writing
Week 5: Poetry Writing

ENROLL NOW: Semester Pricing Available!


BRANCHED by Book Nook is an at-home literacy series delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis. Each installment has been curated by a team of educators for individual age groups to ensure your child is completing lessons within the appropriate tier. These theme-based packets include a digital storytime, book lists, art ideas, enrichment exercises, and more to make for a full week of learning.  You will also be given email access to our teachers who will be present to answer any questions you may have.

BRANCHED is separated into three age groups: 1 to 3 years old, 3 to 5 years old, and 5 to 7 years old.  A four week subscription is available for $50 through an at-home learning platform. Your children can work at their own pace through each theme and fully explore and engage in every facet of the curriculum.

Girl working on handwriting with her mother at a table
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